Disputes Resolution

disputeDispute Resolution can have a disruptive effect on any construction project.

To diminish this effect, the purpose of our services is:

The ultimate aim of PROMIS is:

  • Show our clients the positive and practical steps that can be taken both at the outset and during the contract to prevent and minimise the number of claims. These steps can do much to reduce the potential sources of disputes that can so easily have a damaging effect on the project and the progress of work.
  • To teach methods and techniques for dealing with any claims that do arise -techniques directed at the early and sensible resolution of claims so they do not result in bitter disputes that are costly in time, effort, and funds.

In essence, the role of PROMIS in contract and claims is

  1. how to avoid, wherever possible, the causes of claims;
  2. how to deal with justifiable claims; including their preparation, submission, analysis, defence, and negotiation;
  3. how to defy or challenge unjustified claims, and
  4. how to prepare counter claims.