Construction Contracts & Claims Management

claimsContracts and Purchase Orders are, in their own way, the products of many activities undertaken by buyers and sellers leading up to the issuance of those documents and the undertaking of the performance that follows.

Unfortunately, one of the traps organizations fall into when planning for contract management is to use the issuance or award of purchase orders and contracts as the starting point for the initiation of contract management. That’s too late!


PROMIS approach ensures the following major issues in depth :

  • How to select the right Contract Strategy
  • Develop Effective Tendering Procedures and Evaluation Techniques
  • Write Condition of Contracts, rights and obligations of the parties
  • Manage the Contract / Contractors Effectively
  • Avoid, wherever possible, the causes of claims;
  • Deal with justifiable claims; including their preparation, submission, analysis, defence, and negotiation;
  • Defy or challenge unjustified claims,
  • Prepare counter claims by Clients or Owners; and
  • Resolve smartly contract disputes with less time and money.
  • Negotiation Skills and Tactics