About Us


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PROMIS is a leading a Project Management Consultant & Training Service firm, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 1993. We specialized in providing Project Management Consultancy and Professional Quality Training & Development Programs to a variety of clients across the region in the Public and Private sectors. We have an excellent reputation in the Middle East region for offering Project Management Consultancy and delivering Quality Professional Short Training Programs.

PROMIS offers more than 400 Technical & Non-Technical programs related to Construction Engineering, Contracts & Project Management, Oil & Gas, Electrical, Finance, Leadership & HR, Health & Safety, IT, Customer Service, Personnel Development, to name just a few.

Our training programs both public and in-house are presented by experienced and qualified presenters and consultants. Our extensive range of experienced & expert instructors enable our participants to enhance their knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

Consultancy Division

PROMIS began as a consulting practice in 1993. Its primary goal was to provide a service that would result in substantial cost savings in the development and infrastructure of projects while fulfilling the executives, upper managements, management team needs. PROMIS’ sole business is, and always has been, Project Management.

PROMIS‘ objective is to relieve executives, upper managements, management team of the demanding management responsibilities and technical overview associated with major infrastructure projects. This enables executives, upper managements, management team to proceed with “business as usual”. Since PROMIS does not provide design, engineering or infrastructure services, there are no conflicts of interest PROMIS unequivocally represents the executives, upper managements, management team best interest on all issues. In most instances, PROMIS’ services result in savings to the executives, upper managements, management team, which will exceed the fees paid to PROMIS.

PROMIS‘ managers come to the firm with strong backgrounds as architects, engineers, general contractors or executives, upper managements, management team. Their experience levels range from over 17 years to thirty plus years in the infrastructure industry. To be executives, upper managements, management team representative, our project managers must be able to view the development process entirely from the executives, upper managements, management team perspective an